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Seeking Feature Rom-Com or Rom-Drama Scripts about Second Chances

Paid Gig
We are looking for THOUGHT-PROVOKING, character-driven romantic comedy/drama scripts that explore the theme of second chances at love. We want EMOTIONAL stories that tell of individuals who had love, lost it or messed things up and now want that love back or are afforded a chance through a new relationships to love again. The scripts should embrace the TRUTH about such situations and must delve into the regret and pain of lost love.

Compensation will start as an option fee with additional payment if we end up getting the script green-lit.

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The raucous and raunchy “Girls Trip” shows surprising heart and depth.
What’s surprising is how much heart this film has. The script concerning four college friends reconnecting on a girls’ trip to New Orleans is written by women and it shows. The main characters are complex, in their 40s, and each has a unique arc. And the story doesn’t blanch from confronting issues of infidelity, fertility and faith. Listen to the full review here: https://www.networkisa.org/curious-individual.php?id=3985