Writing Gigs

Seeking Horror Shorts & Features to shoot as a Proof of Concept

I'm looking for horror scripts that I can shoot as a short film.  So, please submit shorts and features you'd be open to me filming as a short.  I will use the finished project to shop the concept around in search for a feature deal and maybe see if the idea can be deloped into a series.  There is no up-front pay at this point.

Here are some stipulations about what I AM looking for:
- I'd like to break away from horror stereotypes.
- Lead is a male, 35y/o.
- Mental Collapse
- Ghosts are okay.
- Paranormal is okay.
- Strange happenings (Like Twin Peaks)
- The scary stuff can take place in the day as well as the night.
- Location is primarily In a city
- Stories that exist with deeper meanings (ie. Imagery, Symbolism & Metaphor) are welcome.
- Simple, easy-to-acquire locations.
- Limited cast size.

I'm also a big fan of film noir - so if it's something that can be done in black and white - all the better.

I do NOT want:
- Monsters movies
- Slashers/killers
- Killers
- Everything is quiet and then BAM!! (cheap scares)
- Action that only takes place at night.

I'm looking forward to reading your submissions and will contact you.  Please submit only a logline and synopsis right now.