Writing Gigs

Seeking Writers w/ Korean & Japanese cultural insight for TV Thriller

Paid Gig

We are a team of writers who are seeking high-impact additions to our writing team with either Japanese or Korean cultural knowledge to join us in crafting a show to pitch later in the year. There is some upfront pay, but the bigger gains would come from deferred payments, contingent on the show getting picked up. It's a fantastic concept: High school suburban thriller, with bullets and multi-ethnicity issues.

A lover of Mr. Robot, Breaking Bad, 13 Reasons Why, Handmaid’s Tale, Man in the High Castle. You should be a good talker who loves spitballing. TV is your favorite medium to write.

US:   We are an indie writer’s room on a labor of love, expanding a pre-existing transmedia dark teen thriller series, set in a world where all citizens are required by law to carry a gun and ‘stand your ground’ in any threatening situation.

This is not a full-time gig, but there is a one-time welcome-to-the-team payment. We’re all industry folks with day jobs, working on this project after-hours.

Also, there is studio interest!  We’re shooting to produce an exciting series that will lead to a deal in the next few months.  The creators are film vets, finding new adventure in the world of TV.

If you're interested please reply with resume and samples if ya got em'. If you know someone who you think may be interested, please forward this along to them.