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Seeking Writing Partner To Help w/ Drama Feature Polish & Formatting

Paid Gig
Hello!  I am in need of an experienced English-first speaking screenwriter to help me with my festival-placing screenplay.  I am a novelist first who was born in Germany, hence my need for a writer who is naturally an English speaker and one who understands screenplay structure and formatting.

Despite the clunkiness that my screenplay currently has, it still placed THIRD in the 2017 Yosemite Film Festival Screenplay Contest (yosemitefilmfestival.com/2017-winners).  I think some polishing will help take it to the next level.  Still, we can see that the story alone is solid enough to garner some festival attention.

For your help consulting & polishing the script with me, we will share future income & profits on a 30/70 split.

I am a novelist with a huge imagination skill who can create fantastic stories, but I need your help!  My script is a drama with some elements of fantasy, comedy and romance with some action.  Please submit a resume for consideration.  Your experience will be invaluable to me as you will not only be helpful in crafting the next generation of my screenplay, but in also in sharing your insight into how the business works in America.