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David Freeman\'s \"Advanced Dialogue Teleconference\"


No matter how great your script's story and its structure might be, if your dialogue doesn't grab, intrigue, entertain, and amaze agents, producers, directors, and actors, they'll put your screenplay down at page three and they'll never pick it up again.  


This is NOT a class in theory.  Prior to the teleconference, you’ll look at a bunch of amazing scenes from some of the best writers in film and television and you’ll read the scripts or transcripts that go with those scenes.


In this free teleconference by screenwriter and teacher David Freeman, you will learn:   

  • Techniques to create dialogue which is emotionally nuanced, so that your characters’ depth and dimensionality comes through.
  • Techniques for making your dialogue capture the rhythms and feel of real spoken speech.  Real speech is rarely linear!
  • Techniques to build suspense using dialogue alone.  The hardest thing to do in a script that involves relationships is to keep the audience on the edges of their seats.  Imagine being able to do that only using dialogue.  

When it comes to dialogue, there’s a lot to learn, and you’ll learn it here in this FREE teleconference.


ALSO…be sure not to miss David’s Beyond Structure” Screenwriting and Script Development Master Class in L.A. on June 14-15


How to Sign Up:

  1. Register here on the ISA web site for the free teleconference.
  2. Please check your email for a registration confirmation, which will include your call information and a link to David Freeman's site with information to prepare for the call.
  3. Click the link, fill in your email address and you'll be given a link to a page with many film and television clips, and a downloadable PDF with the script selections that go with those clips.
  4. View the clips and read the scripts before the teleconference.
  5. Please have these downloads in front of you during the call. 


David Freeman is a screenwriter, and teaches screenwriting and script development internationally.


He’s the creator and teacher of the acclaimed Beyond Structure” Screenwriting and Script Development Master Class, offered in L.A. on June 14-15.   


A long-standing member of the Writers Guild of America, he has sold and optioned scripts and ideas to Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Paramount Pictures, MGM, and other major film and television companies.  He works half time for News Corp (which owns 20th Century Fox and television networks around the world), developing television dramas.  


He has taught screenwriting and script development not just to writers around the world, but at Pixar, Disney, to many executives of the BBC, at various film studios in China, and to many other film and television companies around the world.  You can find his bio here.   


David welcomes your correspondence at, or you can call him at (310) 394-0361 


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