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Barri Evins Big Ideas:Consulting From Logline to Script


The Doctor Will See You Now

A Specialist to Diagnose and Treat Your Problems

The Query Check Up- Submit your one-page Query Letter and meet with the Doctor for a thorough 45-minute exam. Have you conveyed the tone? Does your logline grab interest? Does your synopsis tantalize? Have you convinced us you’re a talented writer? The Prescription for a Query that gets results! $75

The Query Full Treatment- A Query Check Up plus a Follow Up Appointment to examine changes, test for effectiveness, strengthen weak spots and ensure your query is ready for the pros. $125

Pitch Doctor Consult – Submit a one-page Pitch and then set a 45-minute phone appointment packed with constructive feedback on your pitch and your story. Invaluable prep for PitchFests, Industry Meetings and Elevator Encounters! $100

Pitch Doctor Combo – The Consult plus submit a revised version for a 30-minute Follow Up for input on changes and polishing to help you hit a home run! $150

Story Doctor Consultation- Submit your screenplay and receive an in-depth, hour and a half Phone Consultationfocused on constructive feedback, going over my notes and working with you to come to answers that strengthen the story. This isn’t coverage, but an in-depth conversation about your goals for the story, as well as with the project and how to achieve them. We’ll discuss what’s working and what needs work. This experience replicates working closely with a dedicated producer on a project. My goal is making your story strong and marketable. It’s interactive, focused and practical. Expect honesty. $350

The Script Prescription: Diagnosis, Treatment and Care- Receive a full, hour and a half Doctor’s Consultation on your screenplay, plus two Follow Up Appointments to keep you on track. After you implement the notes, you’ll have a second, hour-long Consultation on your new draft to examine how new choices are working and what still needs attention. When you have your next revision, you’ll have a 45-minute Check Up to hone and polish. It’s like having your own Professional Mentor to ensure your project is strong and healthy. Additional sessions are available at an hourly rate. $500

Concierge ServiceDoctor On Call - When the prescription calls for a Specialist, you want the personalized service of a Professional Mentor. Five hours per month, which includes reading time. Scripts, queries, pitches, outlines and concept development all availableto meet your every need. $750

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Big Ideas

What’s the Big Idea?


Big Ideas was created by a working producer to give aspiring writers what it takes to achieve their dreams and makebreaking into the film business a reality.


Barri Evins has sold projects to all the major studios and teaches budding writers the powerful techniquesshe uses with highly paid pros on big league projects.


Big Ideas begins with the most powerful thingin the entire film business – a Great Movie Idea.


Big Ideas focuses on the Art of Storytelling: Creating and Shaping Ideas that Hollywood is Hungry for and Audiences Adore.


There are lots of ways to learn your craft. Big Ideas Revolutionizes the Way You Create.