Exciting ISAConnect Member Success Stories

These are the top success stories listed by ISAConnect Members. If you're an Industry Pro and interested in viewing the work of these emerging writers, please request Industry Pro status. 3805 Success Stories Listed.

Elaine Loh - Signed with Paradigm and Staffed by HBO Max

After being named a Top 25 Writer by the ISA, Elaine was accepted into the HBO Access Writers Program. She also won the Silver Prize for the PAGE Awards and is currently in the Top 50 for Launch Pad by the Tracking Board. Shortly after starting the HBO program, Elaine signed with Paradigm. The digital series that she wrote and directed, DOXXED at, won Best Achievement at Raindance and Best Short Comedy at Catalyst (formerly itvFest). Elaine recently joined the writing staff of Gossip Girl for HBO Max!
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