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MARY DESANTIS wins Best Fantasy Script, 2015 TableReadMyScreenplay Contest!

Placing in the TOP 10 out of nearly 1,000 entries worldwide, Mary DeSantis's script, Ashling, beat out all other entries to claim the BEST SCREENPLAY IN THE FANTASY CATEGORY at the 2015 Table Read My Screenplay Contest, January 2015 (Park City). ASHLING is an historical fantasy in the vein of Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' that fronts a powerful female lead.  A freak hang-gliding accident catapults an Irish university student back to a time when Fomorian Giants from the Northern Isles and the Elven race of the Tuatha De Dannan are in pitched battle for supremecy over the island kingdom. Ashling's arrival proves to be the fulfilment of ancient prophecies and her actions ensure the survival of the fledgling...
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