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THE BLACK CASTLE Historical Vampire Series Optioned by Citizen Skull

Citizen Skull Productions optioned Judi Jordan's Historical Vampire Pilot and Series based on 'The Black Castle' Book one of five works by author/ DC anthologist, Les Daniels. Set in 15th century Spain, at the dawn of the Inquisition, the show follows a chivalrous Knight/Noble whose wife, a gifted Jewish Kabbalah alchemist accidentally renders him vampire while saving his life. Judi discovered Les' cult books and optioned all 5 for a TV series, wrote the pilot and Fresco Film, the Malaga Spain based production company for Game of Thrones, is on board to make the English-language series unforgettable. Lead talent from hit shows, including Versailles, El Ministerio del Tiempo, The Orphanage, Casa de Papel, Warrior Nun, among other shows, have signed on.
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