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A Step Up for SCREENWRITING: STEP BY STEP by Wendy Jane Henson

When I first taught screenwriting, I wanted a clear, simple, user-friendly textbook that began with the fundamentals of writing drama and graduated to writing drama for film. When I found none, I wrote one. At first, my college photocopied the book for my classes. But a film professional friend urged me to find a real publisher. My first email query went to Allyn & Bacon/Pearson Education. Within an hour, their editor asked for the manuscript. A year later, my book was in print. SCREENWRITING: STEP BY STEP, now available in various languages, is used for college courses in several countries. Recently, Pearson Education translated my book into Chinese, and it is helping aspiring screenwriters in China's growing film industry. Copies are in at least 71 libraries worldwide, including...of all...
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