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Justin Prince - September 2016 FAN FICTION Screenplay Winner (TMNT)

Fan Fiction: VIGILANTE: The Origins of Casey Jones (TMNT) Written by Justin Prince  SYNOPSIS: Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller After an injury put a halt to his plans of playing hockey in the NHL, Casey Jones doesn't believe life can get much worse. He soon finds out just how wrong he is. Faced with a tragedy Jones takes justice into his own hands, becoming a hockey mask wearing vigilante. (Based on the character from Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). CAST LIST: NARRATOR - Steve Rizzo CASEY - Randy Baumer BOSS - Dan Cristofori HUN - Steve MitchellCRISTO - John FrayV AN - Kaleb Alexander APRIL - Norma Dawn Dunphy
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