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Richard Spencer's Gustave Courbet Screenplay Wins At Nice Film Festival

'Lust For Controversy',  nabbed the Best Unproduced Screenplay award at the 2017 Nice International Film Festival in May. The script chronicles the amazing life story of French painter Gustave Courbet in the early 1800's. Courbet turned the art world upside down by shunning what was safe and beautiful and chose shocking subjects from prostitutes, drunk priests to a forbidden painting of a woman's crotch. But it was Courbet's disdain for the Vendome column (he thought a symbol of war) which he helped tear down, that would be the one mistake from which he could never recover. He was forced to flee the country he adored and leave the woman he never had the courage to marry.The Nice International Film Festival runs simultaneously in France with the Cannes Film Festival. While Cannes is known for recognizing today's...