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Shaun Peter Cunningham's, STRANGER, Receives Exclusive Rights Dev. Deal

ISA member, Shaun Peter Cunningham has signed an exclusive development contract with Los Angeles-based, Voyage Media, for his feature screenplay, STRANGER. Stranger is a gritty thriller about a child abduction investigator who is pushed to his limits in the search for a missing girl. The contract includes the attachment of Voyage Media's CEO, Nat Mundel, as producer, as well as former Head of Distribution for Newmarket Films, John Crye. Crye was instrumental in the development and distribution of Christopher Nolan's 2001 indie classic, MEMENTO, (Guy Pearce) as well as several other Newmarket releases, including DONNIE DARKO (Jim Gyllenhaal) and Nolan's, THE PRESTIGE (Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale). Shaun is a previous winner of a 2013 Hollywood Screenplay Award for his TV drama, QUEST. 
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