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WILDsound Announces July 2015 Feature Screenplay Winners

Watch the performance readings for each screenplay win. Feature SCRIPT #1- THE PAPER ROUTE July 2015 ReadingWritten by Danny M. Howell "The Paper Route" is the story of Paul, an almost-sixteen-year-old who discovers a chance to escape a world very few people really get away from: the mean poverty of a small town in the hill country of Indiana, where every day is a struglgle to survive, between his harsh family life and a town full of dangerous characters. The rub is that the price of escape is leaving behind Paul's little brother, Brian, who worships him and depends on him for safety and love.CAST LIST: NARRATOR - Holly Sarchfield Paul - Aaron DrakeBrian - Declan SpellmanBarb - Maya WoloszynRoscoe/Lackey - Jason J....
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